Harry’s Bar, Venice

On May 13, 1931, Giuseppe Cipriani Senior opened Harry’s Bar in Venice. Over the years, Harry’s Bar became the place where writers, painters, artists, aristocrats, kings and queens would meet. Among them there were: Barbara Hutton, Katherine Hepburn, Gary Cooper, Giancarlo Menotti, Peggy Guggenheim, Orson Welles, Frank Lloyd Wright, Joe di Maggio, Truman Capote, and Ernest Hemingway. The keys to the success of this tiny Bar were: service, discretion, and a true classic. 


logo restoration / typographic design / graphic design

Agency: Pandiscio Co. New York


since 2006

Hier steht die Bildbeschreibung
„To serve is first to love“
– Arrigo Cipriani
Saluti da Venezia.
Harry’s Bar vintage postcards from the 1930’s
„Having been appointed with the refinement
of the perhaps most iconic bar symbol
is definitely a highlight in my life as a designer“
– Alexander Kellas
Photo by Colin Dutton
„As long as this lights are on, the world is save“ – Hemingway
Photo by Colin Dutton
Cipriani Heritage Collection of food products.
Photo by Andrea Avezzù
Andiamo, ragazzi, è ora di divertirsi!
Photo by Colin Dutton
In 2001, the Italian Ministry for Cultural Affairs
declared Harry’s Bar a national landmark,
not for its cuisine or cocktails or design,
but because it resonates with the creative souls.
Photo by Colin Dutton
Crunchy and not crumbly – Harry’s Bar Biscotti.
Photo by Andrea Avezzù

A life like a movie
Arrigo Cipriani in Harry’s Bar (2015)
directed by Carlotta Cerquetti