Les Bains Paris Branding by Alexander Kellas

Les Bains Paris

The entrance to the temple of beauté, bonheur and rhapsodie

For more than 130 years, Bacchus the god of hedonism, keeps a keen eye on his guests. Built-in 1885, this elegant Haussmanesque building was the first home to a public spa, then a café frequented by Manet, Pissaro, Degas and intellectuals like Marcel Proust or Emile Zola. In the 80s and 90s, Les Bains returned to its former glory as hub of nightlife: Joy Division recorded a live album in the basement, Prince gave impromptu performances and Depeche Mode played years before selling out stadiums… and since then the party (and recreation) has never stopped.

Agency: Alexander Kellas Creative Direction


branding / story telling / graphic design /

communication / art direction / merchandising /

packaging design


since 2013

The mighty Bacchus
the official signet of Les Bains
conceptualized by
creative director Alexander Kellas
and Jean-Pierre Marois the owner
of Les Bains Paris.
The powerful and very detailed design
symbolizes the continuity of past,
present and future of Les Bains Paris.
Visualization by Greg Coulton
The Hotel Lobby.
Image courtesy of Tristan Auer
Salle de Chine designed by Tristan Auer

„In reinventing a notorious nightspot without falling into the nostalgia trap, Les Bains has pulled off the near impossible.“

Vogue France
ROXO the restaurant at Les Bains designed
by Denis Montel RDAI
Bacchus Ritual Plate designed by Alexander Kellas
Release the Beast (2016)
a short film by Ellen von Unwerth
2013 Résidences d’Artistes Eau de Parfum
by Les Bains Guerbois.
Packaging and flacon design
by Alexander Kellas
Dior After Party at Les Bains, March 2015.
Dakota Johnson and Raf Simons,
Lauren Santo Domingo
and Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis.
Photo: Courtesy of Christian Dior
ROXO the restaurant at Les Bains designed
by Denis Montel RDAI
Setting for the Poison Girl Party at
Les Bains for Christian Dior Parfums.
Photo by Victor Malecot
Magazine advertisement featuring the club’s
entrance. Designed by Alexander Kellas
Concert Poster Joy Divison, December 1979.
The designer is unknown but not forgotten
Massive Attack Concert Street Poster
designed by Alexander Kellas.
The design references the glorious
past of the Les Bains as an extraordinary
breeding ground for young artistic talents

„the cross section of clubgoers and creatives, highbrow and low, glamorous and underground, big names and nobodies, all mingling by the mosaic tile pool.“

The New York Times
Les Bains clubroom designed by Tristan Auer.
Photo by Jérôme Galland
Party like it’s 1979!

The Club Pool.
Image courtesy of Tristan Auer.
Night owl photographed by Jurij Treskow
Bedroom designed by Tristan Auer.
Photo: Guillaume Grasset
Laundry Bag designed by Alexander Kellas
Inspired by Serge Gainsbourg’s
apartment at Rue de Verneuil –
the bathrooms design by Tristan Auer
Les Bains Slippers skillfully made
by Sutor Mantellassi
Collection Eau de Parfum by Les Bains Guerbois.
Packaging design by Alexander Kellas
Rust-red velvet divan recreated by
Tristan Auer after Andy Warhol’s
screen test sofa from The Factory.
Photographed by Sonia Sieff
ROXO the restaurant at Les Bains designed
by Denis Montel RDAI
Keith Haring at the Les Bains Douches
photographed by Foc Kan
ROXO branding inspired by the
art of Keith Haring.
Design by Alexander Kellas
Magazine advertisement designed by
Alexander Kellas featuring a fresco by
NYC graffiti legend Futura painted
in 1983 at Les Bains. The work is still present
on site and represents an important mark
in the development of graffiti art in Europe
Sphère by artist Sylvain Ristori aka SAMBRE
executed during the artist residency at
Les Bains in 2013
Les Bains Guerbois EAU DE PARFUM collection.
Each fragrance is an olfactive journey to
a specific year and story of the rich
past of the first Parisian temple of beauty
and well-being founded in 1885.
Packaging concept and design
by Alexander Kellas